Questions from Readers

Q: How do you like the Subaru Outback?  We’re thinking of getting one.

A: Thrilled with it.  Just spent the day driving through an ice storm (unlikely in LA, but with the climate change, you never know), and it performed brilliantly.  Not sure if I can recommend our Garmin (handheld GPS) though.  It speaks with an Australian accent and says "mmmst" for "M Street".

Q: What’s your favorite college so far?

A: I cannot divulge CJ’s fave because there is so much competition out there and word has it that many juniors are reading this blog.  But my favorite would have to be Amherst.  Remember, I’m the type who likes to sit under a tree reading poetry.  CJ likes to tailgate, paint his face blue and jump in the fountain.

Q: Are you still going to Wesleyan? If not, we are mad at you.

A:  Sorry, we had to cut out Wesleyan so we could get to Amherst in time to meet the soccer players.  But to alleviate stress, we are starting the college process earlier with our 14 year old, probably the first week of ninth grade.  As soon as he finishes his Common App essay, we will visit you at Wesleyan.

Q: When are you coming home? My mom says you have been gone for too long.

A: If the Chicago airports reopen tomorrow, we will be home on Wednesday.  If not, we are planning to drive home in our Outback, stopping at seventeen more colleges on the way.


Questions from Readers — 4 Comments

  1. The good news about the cross country drive would be that we would have so many more postings to look forward to.
    If we all “pray” for good weather tomorrow could you agree to keep posting indefinitely??

  2. I’ve got an Outback and I love it. Downside: Santa Monica Subaru just closed meaning that I’m going for the 30K service in Sherman Oaks this afternoon.

  3. We worked our way through 2 garmins this trip. Our favorite attribute was the annoyed tone obviously taken when she has to “recalculate.”
    Maybe it’s not as egregious with an Aussie accent.

  4. Our Garmin Guy spent a lot of time “recalculating” as well. Somehow he was never in agreement with our AAA triptik or the printed-out directions from hotels.