Pulpits and Pulled Pork

Greetings from Vanderbilt University, alma mater of Al Gore, but not a Prius in sight.  This is the ideal school for CJ if he decides to become a Divinity major.  There is a church on every corner and an inspirational bookmark section in the campus bookstore, where all of the sales associates have missionary haircuts.  The one landmark our cab driver pointed out was a huge bronze statue of Billy Graham, arms outstretched before a giant cross.  CJ and his buddy Genius Surfer, our travel companion for the first two legs of the trip, are not fazed by the abundance of bibles in Nashville, because there is also an abundance of fraternities.  After a dinner of pulled pork and bluegrass, the boys headed off to Kappa Alpha Psi to experience Southern Greek life with a former soccer teammate.  It is almost midnight and they still haven’t returned, so I would guess that so far Vandy gets their seal of approval. 

Tomorrow morning is our tour.  This place is full of smart, polite kids and we’re looking forward to finding out if you really have to wear ties to football games.  Can’t wait to get the details about other popular majors here, like ROTC.

Tomorrow afternoon: Duke 


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