NYU Comes of Age

I have a high school friend who dropped out of three colleges, spent a year following the Grateful Dead around, then enrolled at NYU.  In those days, you did not have to apply because it was a commuter school with a 100% acceptance rate. You just filled out a form, sent in your money (a comparative fortune) and you were good to go. 

My friend is now a guidance counselor at a prestigious high school in New Jersey.  She has her NYU diploma framed on the wall in her office, and the students who she advises beg her to help get them accepted at her alma mater, which now has the most applications of any school in the world.  Last year there were 33,949.  And next year there will be even more NYU hopefuls because it will be the most difficult year to gain admission to a college in the history of the universe. 

No surprise that our information session at NYU was Standing Room Only – Here are the reasons: 

- The school is located in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the world’s coolest city.  And it is gradually taking over the whole metropolitan area, like the collegiate version of Donald Trump.  Soon there will be NYU flags on the Statue of Liberty and Bergdorf’s.

- At NYU you don’t have to study an esoteric liberal art like Philosophy or English.  Instead you can choose a program that will prepare you for a fascinating career as a Music Producer or Sports Agent or Documentary Filmmaker or Restauranteur. Then, in four years, after spending $200,000+ on your education, you are guaranteed a $10-an-hour internship in your chosen field.

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