A Perfect Book to Read When Touring Colleges

Hard to believe, but we’re on our way home.  Wish I could say that the time has zipped by, but it feels as if we’ve been gone for at least a semester.  We managed to gain access to the AA Admiral’s Club at O’Hare and the last thirty minutes has been the most restful part of the trip.  For those of you who have asked for me to continue this blog, it looks as if I will have to, because I am too exhausted right now to provide Essay Hints or the Northwestern report.


Before we get on our flight, wanted to highly recommend the ideal book to read during a college tour: "I am Charlotte Simmons" by Tom Wolfe, about promiscuity at a fictionalized Duke University. 

Sorry to say I have been so busy driving and blogging that I have only read 26 pages.  But I am really looking forward to the remaining seven hundred.

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