Fiske Guide to College Dining

Vanderbilt Student Union – Salad was a disappointment, but the cheeseburgers and fries got high ratings from the boys.

Rippy’s Smokin’ Bar & Grill – Nashville, TN – The best honky tonk bar of the trip.  Okay, it was the only honky tonk bar of the trip, but it still gets a thumbs up.  A friend had taken the time to fax me a travel piece from Gourmet Magazine with Nashville restaurant recommendations.  Sadly, I lost the fax.  I’m fairly certain this place was not written up in Gourmet, but it works if you’re up for a "Hog’s Sampler Platter".  We also liked the live bluegrass, and it was here that we met "Mr. Underpants", who provided material for a mildly-amusing running joke.

Magnolia Grill – Durham, NC – Asked our Duke freshman host where his parents eat when they come to visit.  He said that everyone’s parents eat at the Magnolia Grill, ranked 11th in "America’s Best 50 Restaurants" by, yes, Gourmet magazine.  The decor reminded us that we were in Durham rather than Berkeley, but the place was quaint in a foodie sort of way, with a celebrity chef and cookbooks for sale.  Then, disappointment: their grocery shipment had been delayed and they literally had run out of food. 

Blu Seafood Bar – Durham, NC – The folks at the Magnolia Grill sent us to Blu, where we had the amazing whole trout.  The place to go when Magnolia’s truck doesn’t show up.

Pauly Dogs – Durham, NC- A cart on the patio outside of the Duke student union, clearly an institution.  Even if you normally avoid hot dogs, these are excellent. Offerings include beef, turkey and veggie dogs with every imaginable topping, even crushed potato chips.

Lebanese Taverna – Arlington, VA – Next to the Pentagon, chosen by friends who live there – easy metro access from DC. Too much food and too noisy, but good middle eastern tapas and a fun evening.
The George Washington University Student Union – I would imagine this gets old fast, but CJ was very happy with the selection – more brand name fast food items than at the mall. I was able to find something edible at the salad bar, but I must confess that this was our last full meal at an on-campus dining facility.  BTW, several fellow neurotic parents told me the worst part of their college tours was having to eat daily at student unions. 
To Be Continued


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  1. I will be taking this list when we do our college tour next year. PLEASE give us more restaurants at the other schools you visited!