How to Stay Fit While Your Spouse is on a College Tour

Arrived home to find that my husband, home alone, had lost 10.5 pounds while we were on our college tour.  (Our younger son, Brown ’16, had gone on a fabulous vacation with a friend.)  Inspired to get back to his college weight, my husband ordered thirty days of diet meals, but not the fresh quasi-gourmet ones that the celebrities eat.  Instead he feasted on frozen Pollock Hollandaise and other unappealing carb-balanced delicacies, ready to boil in vacuum-sealed bags. The menus utilize a revolutionary new Glycemic and Satiety Index, and are endorced by physicians and neuroscientists from various top universities, as well as by Dr. Phil.

But no nutritional plan would be complete without an exercise component.  With the boys out of town, my husband found himself with unlimited time to play virtual sports on their Wii.  Each day he completed at least one full training circuit of Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing, until he was drenched in sweat.  Not only does he look more youthful, but his Wii age went down from 68 to 29.   A most effective workout – even better than hiking through snowbanks on upstate campuses. 

Tomorrow: A high school senior and her family stay with us while on their college tour.

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