Oops – Jeopardized My Son’s Chances at Colgate

Toured idyllic Colgate University during a torrential downpour.  The admissions people were very hospitable and gave us giant, sturdy umbrellas, as well as fruit and Chipwiches – the only snacks we’ve been offered at any of our college visits.  After the tour, the admissions officer recommended that everyone explore the town of Hamilton, all two blocks of it, before heading onward. 

Forgot to turn on my cell phone after the tour.  When I finally did, at 12:30 PM, there were three voicemails plus one on my home phone from the Colgate Inn letting me know that their strictly-enforced check out time was 11:00 AM.  I know it’s a weak defense, but at this point in the trip it was difficult to remember whether I had indeed arranged a late check out, or was still counting on the one from the day before. 

We raced back to the hotel and packed up the piles of college brochures that were scattered all over the room.  (Didn’t have time to unpack anything else.)  The people at the front desk seemed to forgive us, but when we got in the car, CJ reminded me that our tour guide had said that the Inn was owned by the University.  Certainly, in today’s competitive environment, colleges probably consider not just GPAs, SATs and ECs, but also respect for check out policies.  If anyone from the Colgate Inn happens to be reading this, please give us another chance – We’ll be out by 10:59 next time – I promise.


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