I am so proud to announce that CJ has performed brilliantly on his initial round of standardized testing, the SAT IIIs.  These subject tests, offered for the first time by the College Board this year, measure the critical thinking and problem solving skills that a student will actually need in college. 

CJ’s scores on the following exams were stellar, and should demonstrate that he has mastered an impressive knowledge base for a high school junior.

APTs (Advanced Prom Transportation) – Students are given the task of reserving an appropriate vehicle to transport 26 of their closest friends to the prom and afterparty.  Then they must collect $75 per passenger, more than it costs to attend the prom itself.  (CJ did so well on the APTs, that he was able to make a considerable donation to the Tufts Syndrome Foundation.)

FMTs (Facebook Multi-tasking 2C) – Students are expected to communicate with at least 680 friends in a five-minute period, while simultaneously studying for a Pre-Calc quiz, watching a Lakers Game and reading The Great Gatsby.  (Note: The UCs have announced that they will not accept scores from the lower-level Facebook 1C Exam.)

PBRs (Peer-based Rationalization) – Students research and present an argument that their interim grades were outstanding compared to those of their high-achieving friends.

Most highly-selective colleges recommend taking just three SAT IIIs, but CJ is considering taking the AGH (Accelerated Guitar Hero) achievement exam in November, just to show the admissions committees that he is well-rounded and truly challenging himself in high school.


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  1. Would you recommend the Princeton Review or the Kaplan SAT III Subject Tests prep book? My child struggled on her last APT, finding herself able to collect only $52 per passenger and being humiliated by the fact that not one single rider had to be rushed to the ER between the prom and the afterparty.

  2. Now we’re getting some comments! (working backwards.)
    It’s the comments, JR, not the hits! The ecommenty, stupid! There should be an extraordinarily high philosophical discussion going on in these comment threads, worthy of genius creator.
    “SAT IIIs” is, quite simply, a fantastic vein of NPI ore, worthy of further exploration.
    C’mon people! Do I have to do everything around here! (The kind of thing my new boss stamps around saying these days, hilarious.) We’re going to have to put a bevy of assistants to work coming up with other SAT III topics, because you’re all just worthless! You heard me.

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