Oops – There’s Another Neurotic Parent

In my haste to book our twelve-city college tour, I neglected to check whether somebody already owned the domain name "Neurotic Parent" (a screen name I have been using in the blogosphere for years).  As a result, people have tried to find this blog and have ended up on the site of the germ-phobic dad of a toddler.  Instead of finding valuable information about a cappella groups or beer pong, many of my readers have been forced to read about diaper rash and toxic sippy cups. 

To clear this up, I will now be known as "The Neurotic Parent".  (In the tradition of Ray’s Pizza, I was going to be "Famous Original Neurotic Parent", because I guarantee that I was angst-ridden about parenting before the diaper rash dad, but everyone knows that four words are too many for a URL.) 

From now on, you can still find me here at typepad, but also, thanks to CJ’s friend CG (Computer Genius), you can go straight to the easy-to-remember www.TheNeuroticParent.com

Please don’t tell my husband, but I went on an out-of-control shopping spree on the domain name site.  They were having a sale and I scooped up a few bargains, so you can also try www.neuroticparent.net or www.neuroticparent.org or www.neurotic-parent.com

Meanwhile, I would appreciate hearing from (Ivy-educated) I.P. attorneys.  Please let me know when it’s okay to start marketing "The Neurotic Parent" mugs and sweatshirts.


Oops – There’s Another Neurotic Parent — 2 Comments

  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think there is a good chance that you were already known as THE Neurotic Parent.

  2. Now that I have been named, I think there is one more necessary character that must be introduced: PS (Perfect Scorer). Or maybe he could be 2400-boy? I’m sure you will think of something. Ask CJ.