Georgia on their Minds

The boys had more to say about Emory than I expected to them to report:

- The university was founded by the Coca Cola Company (and there now is a museum honoring the beverage in downtown Atlanta).

 - CJ said I would like it (except maybe the Coca Cola part) because it's very diverse.

- You cannot tell you are in the south when on campus.

- The tour guide, a male, wore grey Pumas (I must disclose that I asked Mr. NP to take notice of footwear because I was curious about whether Uggs remained ubiquitous on campuses in the heat of the summer)  

And…most importantly:

- There are nine a cappella groups.

In truth, my family's impressions of Emory were overshadowed by the Braves game, (which included a not-very-PC tomahawk chop), 

And what male bonding trip would be compete without a a hotel evacuation - a false alarm, but it turns out the inn, now called the Ellis, had once been the site of the worst hotel fire in Atlanta's history. 

Yes, CJ managed to visit a college without me, and it was a bit like a tree falling in the forest.  Perhaps it is time for me to face the music – Not only is it unlikely that I will ever get all the details about the Emory information session, but sadly, I am destined to learn even less about CJ's college years.

Update: Mr. NP just read this and suddenly remembered another noteworthy fact about Emory – Salman Rushdie is on the faculty.  How cool is that? (And luckily for neurotic parents everywhere, the fatwa has been lifted.)


Georgia on their Minds — 2 Comments

  1. If CJ’s future college years are to remain a mystery, perhaps at least you can get him to give you tips on beer pong.

  2. hilarious!! Our secret family code when we were doing the tours was a capella– happy to report NU has a capella as well but they call it something much cooler. Would have loved a gtg on your Bronx leg to fill you in, but alas I think you are skipping this segment too.