Neurotic Googling

This blog is now "public".

That means you can now find it by going to Google and typing in a phrase that's related (or not) to college angst.  Now normal people with legitimate queries about the Princeton waitlist are being led to this site. 

I am pleased to report that Typepad has a cool "big brother" feature which lets me know exactly what people are googling before they are referred to theneuroticparent.  Here are some of the requests:

1) best cell phone for cornell

2) most obnoxious parents

3) nyu flags taking over new york

4) how can i get accepted off duke med waitlist 2008

5) williams prestige

6) waitlisted at wash u tufts syndrome

7) kenyon vs. oberlin acapela (sic)

8) cows near hamilton ny

9) sat summer study korea average score increase

and….drum roll:

10) nashville underwear


Neurotic Googling — 1 Comment

  1. you’ve hit the big-time! Forget the illustrious career you’ve nurtured so carefully — your blog is where it’s at.