Off-Season College Touring

Colleges campuses, covered with slush during “spring” break, are verdant paradises in the the summer with glistening ponds and gardens in full bloom  But the kids that you see throwing frisbees are mostly high school students enrolled in summer programs. 

And the tour guides are often from the B list. 

Case in point: The boys reported that their tour guide at Emory, a witty and articulate male, hit a trash can while walking backwards.  And our perky leader at Penn, clad in flip flops (as were all of her counterparts), did not even attempt to strut in reverse. 

We are pleased that colleges no longer discriminate against tour leaders with deficiencies in backwards walking.  But we hope that this affirmative action trend will not phase out one of the most impressive of collegiate talents.  What next – Tone deaf a cappella singers?

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