The Power of Bunnies

Mr. NP and I had dinner tonight with four other couples.  Three out of the four are about to send their youngest children off to college.  The moms, who all seem to be dealing with the transition relatively well, are nonetheless forming a support group.  I can see how they will need it with the stress of their babies moving out.  Just trying to get Son #1 to begin to think about his essays is stressful enough.

I wanted to find some words of wisdom for my friends who are about to become empty nesters, so I scoured the web for some sensible advice.

And I found it on College Confidential:

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Anxiety Is Beginning To Set In!

As I begin reviewing “Parents’ Orientation” schedules and “Student Orientation” schedules, the reality that my only daughter will be moving 2.5-3 hours away has me in the beginnings of a panic state. I do not let on to her, but gosh, this is way more difficult than I could have imagined. All the worries about getting in to college are now worries about how will she “do” college (probably very well without me nagging). I am so proud of her, and I know she will be fine. I think the worries are about how I will do.
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Before my last kid at home left for college, I found it very helpful to get a couple of pets so that I would not have to come home to an empty house.The pets I got are rabbits. They are quiet and cute, and stand on their hind legs to welcome me home (because they know I’ll give them treats).

I have no doubt that Northstarmom knows what she’s talking about.  Surely she is an expert parent because she has 11.427 posts on College Confidential.  It is a great relief to know that there will be a simple solution to the inevitable trauma I will be facing in four years, when Son #2 leaves the nest. 

Thank goodness for the internet – and for furry little creatures everywhere.

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