Where I Didn’t Go This Summer

CJ is staying home and working this summer (and also going to a fabulous Hawaiian resort with a friend and his family). 

Here is where some of his other friends are traveling to:

- India

- Vietnam

- Barcelona

- Bolivia

- Florence

- Amsterdam

- Paris

- Malawi

- China

- Buenos Aires

- Fiji

Here is what their parents are doing:

- Staying home and working so they can pay for these programs

To respond to this shocking situation, The Neurotic Parent Institute has formed an emergency task force, as well as a new foundation, Martyrs Anonymous.  This benevelent organization will provide psychological support for parents who are stuck at home while their children travel the world, boosting their resumes.  Please don’t let these selfless individuals be forgotten – Provide them with the hope that one day they will have the means and self-love to finance their own exotic adventures.


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