Common Facts, Myths and Urban Legends

Q: Is it true that the server for the UC App will be frozen all evening on November 30th, right before the applications must be submitted?

A: The Neurotic Parent has just checked, and it's working fine.  Go for it, super procrastinators: You still have three hours and fifty-five minutes.


Q: We have heard that it will be easier to get into private colleges and universities this year because of the economic crisis.  Can you confirm?

A: Weirdly, despite the financial meltdown, early decision and early action apps are up 25% across the board.  So if you don't need financial aid, and you thought that would give you a leg up, no dice.  Especially if you're applying to Wesleyan, where ED apps are up by 40%.


Q: Is it true that only 2% of the population are employed in the field in which they earned their undergraduate degree?

A: The Neurotic Parent thinks 2% is a high estimate. 


Q: Is it true that if all you're concerned about is future success and happiness, it doesn't matter which college you child attends?

A:  Yes.  But then you'd have to find something else to be anxious about.

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