Snowfall and Windfall

1.  Had conversations with three parents of happy freshmen who have chosen colleges in chilly, northern locations.  All mentioned that their daughters and sons had experienced their "first snowfall." (I assume they meant their first snowfall at college.)  Ah, the wonders of a November snow.  Let's see how they feel about it in March.

2.  One of the above astute parents accepted my challenge and found a typo in this blog – a misspelling of the word "restaurateur."  She receives a big shout-out. 

3. And now, the windfall: CJ's off-the-radar school with the "personal app" sent a formal acceptance, which arrived yesterday.  Informed him that he has been awarded a Presidential Scholarship, worth more than he could probably save after ten years in the work force.  Was he flattered? Yes.  Does he want to consider this school? No.  Will we gently coerce him to consider the offer? If possible, especially because then we get to gain a new perspective on the college visit – an Acccepted Student Weekend at the Honors College, when suddenly the buyer and seller roles have been reversed.


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