You would think that the Wall Street Journal has enough to report about these days, but the editors there remain obsessed with the college admissions process.  The latest piece on the subject tells you what not to do: don't send excessive thank you emails to the everyone your met on your tour, and don't sound robotic in your essay - let your own voice shine through.

Here's how not to sound robotic:

- If your parents are lawyers, don't let them edit your essay.  They might use too many semi-colons or words like "heretofore".

- Don't write about your experience living abroad, even if it was life changing.  Instead write about changing a tire in the snow in Minnesota or growing up as the only boy in a family of eight.

- Don't have your mom sign your app by mistake.

Those are the main points, but the Neurotic Parent Institute has done some additional research and has a few more pointers.

Unfortunately we are experiencing internet connectivity issues on a ranch in Arizona (during a flash flood, with 38 degree temperatures), and you will have to wait until tomorrow for the valuable last-minute essay advice.  That will still give you four whole days to finish your apps, so no worries.

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