Bragging Rights

A one-way ticket three time zones away for my sweet little child, who is suddenly a buff, hairy man -My depression was relieved only by the satisfacton that I had booked on a Tuesday, and therefore had found a fabulous deal on all our flights.  Yes, those of us in the know are aware that if you wait until Tuesday to purchase, you can snap up a ticket that would have cost twice as much on a Thursday or a Monday.

I was feeling good, okay…almost smug, about the series of tickets I had reserved - for parents weekend, Thanksgiving (changeable because I used mileage) and now move-in. 

But then my friend MOWCG/M (Mom of World Class Goalie/Musician) called and told me about her friend, whose son is currently in Boston for the Harvard admitted students weekend.  Not only did this smart mother book her son's flight on a Tuesday, but she brilliantly spent the entire day checking the fluctuation of the fare, refreshing the page over and over until the price of a round trip from LAX to BOS had gone down from $438 to $156! 

Yes, she should be proud that her son got into Harvard.  But that pales next to her internet ticket-booking skills.

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