The kids are alright….But the moms are not

I've been trying for several days to post a cartoon here.  I usually take pride in my copying and pasting skills, but I'm going to have to get Mr. NP's help with this one.

Meanwhile, the report from the field:

- Moms are not doing well.  Many have not slept.  One stayed in bed for several days eating tapioca.  Others spend most of their time discussing their fears about Swine '09 with their manicurists.  But the smart ones got right on a plane after move-in and headed to London.

- Dads are deeply invested in their midlife crises.  Lots of surfing, biking, running, yoga, Facebooking and purchasing kitchen equipment.

- Boys, especially CJ, are hopeless at communication.  He does answer texts, usually within 36 hours, but mostly with one-word mispellllled responses, with extra letters for emphasis.  Occasionally says he is tired, especially the day after tailgates.  Frustratingly, has been rumored to have participated in lengthy i-chats with high school friends.

- Girls complain non-stop the first two weeks about: Too much reading, Art History is not challenging enough, Nerdy roommate, Partying roommate, Food, Weather, Missing their Friends.  After two weeks, they all seem to be fine.

- Parents of older kids confirm over and over again that no news is good news.  Three report that only time they heard from their sons and daughters during freshman year was when they were in police custody.

- A reader has asked that I give tips on how to re-ignite your relationship with your spouse.  Will have to devote a separate post to that one…Maybe see Julie & Julia together…Or, for coziness, perhaps the two of you could spend a night in your son/daughter's empty bed.

- Mr. NP is my hero.  He managed to transport the cartoon, sent to me by Mikado Mom, whose wonderful son spent his birthday yesterday at NYU.  Here it is:



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