Parents Weekend

We're on our way to reconnect with our wayward eldest for a weekend of campus fun, athletics and stimulating lectures like "Global Opportunities in Places like Ghana that Cost Twice as Much as Regular Tuition."  Ever the consummate host, CJ seems to actually be looking forward to our arrival and is taking an active role in ensuring a fun visit for the entire family.

We land at 11:45 pm and will arrive at our hotel at 12:30 am.  But the late hour will not stop CJ from providing his younger brother BH with an immediate glimpse of college life.  Here is a snippet of our latest BBM communication:

Mom: We're on the plane, about to take off.  Is it true you invited BH to sleep in your dorm? Where and when should he meet you?

CJ: I will let u know when it gets closer to the time.  And give him cash.

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