Breaking News on the Acappella Front (?)

To get my mind off certain deferrals and rejections of loved ones (plus stressful sophomore PSAT scores) I have two major announcements:

1- I received a call from the Proud Mother of a Future Congressman who let me know that the Tufts Beezelbubs have made it to the finals of "The Sing Off," an NBC reality show which features a capella groups competing, a la American Idol.  If you're so inclined you can go to the show's website and vote for the Bubs…or for Voices of Lee (Lee University, Ohio) or Nota (University of San Juan, PR).  I have just cast my vote for the Bubs, but have also listened to Voices and Nota, and they're all dynamite.

2 – In a super-coincidental development, just hours later I received an email from the Proud Mother of a Future US President inviting me to hear America's oldest underclassmen a cappella group, the Yale Spizzwinks(?) during their 2009-10 world tour, which includes Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and Sherman Oaks, California, where I will have the pleasure of seeing them.  "In the past," the invitation stated, "the Spizzwinks(?) have received raving reviews for performances at the White House and Carnegie Hall." 

I did some research, and it turns out that the parentheses and question mark are cleverly(?) an official part of the Spizzwinks(?) name. The Neurotic Parent has volunteered to accompany them on their world tour to translate this essential punctuation into Malaysian and Portuguese.  And I could also clean up the usage in their brag sheet…Shouldn't it be "rave reviews," rather than "raving"?  Any Yale-educated grammarians out there who can help me out on this?


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