How stressful it is thinking back to all the time management issues related to the college admissions process: tours, essays, apps, interviews, etc.  Just over a year ago it seemed impossible that our son would ever be able to keep track of his obligations and get them all accomplished in a timely fashion. 

I am pleased to report that he has grown up.  He has managed to successfully "rush" four fraternities and maintain a complicated schedule with multiple semi-formals, bowling parties, beer pong tournaments, date functions and all sorts of other events with traditional and bizarre dress codes…sometimes three or four in a single night.  Toward the end the recruitment process seemed to have been coordinated by Korn Ferry.  He was wined and dined – and even invited to play basketball in his school's stadium.  After 21 days of nonstop action, he was accepted (regular decision) into his first-choice fraternity, along with a dozen of his closest friends.

But now comes the part every parent dreads…at worst, life-threatening pranks, anti-feminist values, mandatory alcohol consumption and waning GPA's…and at best, a chance to be an extra on Girls Gone Wild.  And we will never find out what truly transpires because he says he took not one, but two vows of secrecy (oops – was he even supposed to tell us that?)

All this when Mr. NP and I both spent our college years backpacking, protesting the war and making homemade granola.  Could CJ have been switched at birth?

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