Unlucky Spring Breaks

1) CJ did not come home for spring break, partly because he needed to stay on campus for several extra days for a basketball game, and partly because the trip would have been too grueling in his pledge-induced burnout state.  Instead he visited the home of an east coast fraternity brother, whose generous parents provided lasagna, vitamin C, laundry services, and a place to sleep until 1pm.  Then, once recovered, he headed off to Madison ("Wisco"), to visit his high school friends and conduct advanced research in his ongoing study comparing the party scenes at various colleges.

2) Everyone else came home.  Where did we go wrong?  No lasagna?

3) An exchange student from Spain has moved in for two weeks.  BH has done such an incredible job tutoring him in Honors Xbox that he has completely neglected all of his real school work.  And, if BH opts to participate in the second part of the program and go to Spain next March, he will (horrors!) miss his spring break college tour.

4) It has come to my attention that ANOTHER mommy blogger from my mid-sized beach city has created a comedy blog about the college process, and has even written a novel on the subject.  I am counting on all my loyal readers to boycott her book and wait for my IMAX film.


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