Course Selection Guide for Freshmen

After spending several days on a college campus during registration, I can offer the following invaluable advice for Fall 2010 course selection:

1. No classes that meet before 11:40 am

2. No classes that meet after 5:40 pm

3. Friday classes?  Forget it!

4. Try to find seminars that meet just once a week and require only two quizzes and an in-class power point presentation, even if the subject is of no interest to you.

5. Check the on-line catalog for courses that sound exactly like what you have already studied in high school, assuming you have held onto your old essays and papers.

6. Three times a week? Lab or discussion session?  No way!

7. Enroll in intriguing classes with Fullbright professors that require two 15-page papers? Not a chance!

8. Interested in Hip Hop Globalization, Entrepreneurship or Abnormal Sexual Behavior?  Don't even bother checking – those classes are full.

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