We regret to inform you that you’re a pathetic loser

The Ivies, in a time-honored tradition, have chosen April Fools Day
to inform students whether they are accepted, or whether they'll
have endure four years of academic mediocrity at somewhere like…UC

Yes, what an appropriate date this is to open a double password-protected email and see the following message on the screen:

You had straight A's, got 2360 on your SAT's and built an
orphanage for AIDs orphans?  You expect that to impress us?  Waitlist
for you!

On a brighter note, two of my favorite seniors who had respectively
been deferred and rejected early from Penn and Northwestern, now have
received fat envelopes, one from Duke and the other from Tufts.  And
the Quadruple 800 Genius mentioned in my previous post has been
accepted to Northwestern and awarded the Regents Scholarship at

From the college road trip front, MUNC (Model UN Champ) and her mom
survived their Pacific Air flight (now more aptly named Georgia Air)
from Emory to Vanderbuilt, and even had the occasion to bond with the
other seven passengers – four of whom were other mom/daughter couples on the college circuit, and one a high school guidance counselor. 

Here is MUNC's mom's report from the road:

We had a great meal at The Float Away Cafe: a very good
restaurant located in an industrial building near Emory that housed a
production company with an extra casting office… We had to change
rooms due to a "power problem,"…I get your tour guide skill of
walking backwards now — only I learned that flip flops don't work.  I
learned that all students who get through their sophomore year are
considered alums, and I learned that Coca Cola has been very good to

Curiously, history is repeating himself here.  When Mr. NP visited
Emory with CJ, there was a fire in their hotel, a tour guide crashed
into a trash can while walking backwards.  And he also mentioned that
the entire campus was Pepsi-free.

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