CJ has now been home for three weeks.  Our garage room, equipped with FIFA, poker table, etc. has become the hangout, or as BH calls it, the dorm.   Yes, CJ might be home for the summer, but he has continued his night owl slovenly dorm life with his friends from home. 

The big difference:  You can't get paninis to order in the dorms.  Yes, instead of working, I have been spending hours every day shopping and cooking for 14 starving boys (and two moderately hungry girls).  They say they have jobs and/or internships, but they must all get out of work by 2:00 pm, because that's when they start to arrive, ready for paninis. 

After two weeks in the kitchen, CJ told me that I should stop cooking.  He still loved my paninis, he said, but warned me that I would soon become resentful, just like the mom at the home where he hung out last summer.  She realized she was spending hundreds of dollars a day on frozen pizza, guacamole, chips and that awful Vitamin water, and finally imposed a "pot luck" rule. 

But I don't know if I'll get there.  It's been fun preparing snacks for what seems like a giant playdate…Dare I serve them chicken tenders?

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