The College Anxiety Capital of the World

Just returned from New York, where college angst has been taken to a higher level. 

I heard stories about $800 an hour tutors (hope GC's guy isn't reading this). 

I heard stories about legacies donating a building, then still having their kids denied. 

I heard stories about kids who had been tutored for the SAT's since, I kid you not, eighth grade.

But the most interesting emerging phenomenon is that college truly doesn't matter: The most successful recent grads in NY are not biomedical engineers or investment bankers. They are high-priced DJs, who probably never took organic chem or econ.  While their classmates struggle to find a $30,000 entry-level job in publishing, two girls from CJ's high school are now internet "it" girls who are flown to Paris and paid just to be seen at parties.

LA is, in fact, much more laid back than I give it credit for.  And why not – if your safety is sunny Santa Barbara or stunning Santa Cruz, it's all good.




The College Anxiety Capital of the World — 2 Comments

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