We're in Middletown, CT, about to attend the Wesleyan info session.  I am pleased to report that other than the ridiculous climate, and the fact that I feel like I'm breaking George Clooney's frequent flier record, everything has been perfect (college-wise, that is…I will discuss the culinary issues later). 

We were fortunate that within the first five minutes of the Q and A at Michigan, somebody asked the question and then received the tongue-in-cheek answer that I had warned GC he would hear at every session.

Worried Student (on the subject of high school curriculum): Is it better to get a B+ in an advanced class or an A in an easy class?

Admissions Rep (smiling): Actually, it's better to get an A in the advanced class.

Then, at Northwestern, we had the most stellar tour guide in the stratosphere.  Although she was unable to walk backwards up and down stairs, she was smart, funny and enthusiastic way beyond her years.  She even managed to put a positive spin on the arctic temperatures ("We all bond by huddling together inside, then we celebrate when it warms up.")  She is a double major in Communications and Public Health, and spent a summer in Santiago, Chile doing research.  And her favorite class so far was a Popular Culture class, for which she produced a powerpoint presentation about Parents on Facebook.  

We have been fortunate to be in the company of four families from GC's high school – one planned, two coincidental.  The parents of MM, SSO (Super-stylish Overpacker) and OF (Obsessive Foodie) are super-fun to travel with, but I have never encountered skinny people who eat so much.  They have three FULL meals a day (often Italian), plus frequent snacks of homemade bread, brownies, chocolate truffles, trail mix, deep dish pizza and bar chips.  My blog has suffered because I have had to spend every spare moment in the fitness room.  





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  1. Very much enjoyed reading this while enjoying my pre-Italian dinner in NYC snack. xo, SSO