What Not to Write About

Here's the report on no-no essay topics from the admissions deans at the nine schools we visited:

- The death of a pet

- The death of a grandparent

- The illness of a pet

- The illness of a grandparent

- I went to (fill in name of developing country) and learned that everyone there is just the same as the people in my hometown of Greenwich, CT.

- My Internship at Prada in Milano

- What I Think about When I Run Uphill



What Not to Write About — 3 Comments

  1. An admissions dean actually acted out another one;11:59 on the clock, losing all season, last shot at glory…win. or lose.

  2. What if what I’m thinking while running uphill is my fiery, honed poetry, which will eventually earn me a Pulitzer? Besides the toilet, that’s where I do my best work. Just askin’.