What the Fiske?!?

In New York, while GC was living it up at MM's uncle's townhouse, I stayed with a dear college friend, CMG (Chic Marketing Genius), whose senior daughter, HP (Hip Photographer) was recently admitted early to Skidmore.  That means that the time has come for the normally-calm CMG to begin panicking about her son, a high school sophomore.  She said that he was thinking about a west coast liberal arts school and asked if I had any suggestions.  I immediately thought of Lewis and Clark, a favorite with engaged SoCal kids who want to stay on the west coast and experience life in the very cool city of Portland.

CMG raced over to a bookshelf full of art books and pulled out her trusty Fiske Guide.  But, sadly, she could not find the entry about Lewis and Clark.  I assured her that it had been included in my Fiske Guide; I was certain because I had memorized the entire publication. 

A closer inspection revealed that someone had REMOVED the page.  CMG knew the offender had to be a house guest, because I was staying in her guest apartment, where other visitors would have access to her college library.  To confirm this, she checked under the S's and the page for Scripp's was also missing.  Now CMG could be certain of the identity of the culprit – just recently a relative from Boston had stayed with her and had mentioned that her daughter was thinking about Scripp's.  Obviously, Lewis and Clark was on her list as well. 

So applying dentist-office ethics, this ill-mannered guest pocketed the info she needed. This, my friends, sets a record for both extreme college angst, as well as rude houseguest behavior.  It's okay to steal some Q-tips (as I did), but never, ever tear pages out of your host's Fiske guide.


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