Double Feature

You may remember that we have an older son, CJ (Cerebral Jock), as of today, a rising college junior. I have not mentioned him recently because we have not heard from him in several months, except the occasional text to let us know that he had lost his wallet…or needed cash to rent an RV to drive to Mardi Gras…or had suddenly decided to attend summer school.  

But yesterday, he shockingly called at 7:45am, which meant that he was awake at the ungodly hour of 10:45am EST.  He was phoning to let us know that he had starred in a 12-minute motion picture, a final project for his film class.  The members of the course were asked to nominate the most outstanding student films, then the winners would be announced at a class gala, an Academy awards ceremony of sorts.  CJ said that his group's movie had not been as well received as others, but had garnered one nomination: Best Actor. 

How proud we were!  But when we asked if he could bring home the footage for us to see, he said that he didn't think we would like it as much as the other film he had starred in for his Italian class. 

Two lead roles in one semester – What an accomplishment that would be for a young thespian.  Too bad our son is majoring in computer science.





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