Via Maffia

As one of my sons struggles to come up with a killer topic for his Common App Personal Statement, the other is settling into his new apartment on Via Maffia in Florence, where he will spend his junior semester abroad. 

Yes, Mr. NP and I are planning a short visit, so I guess we are lucky.  But we are not nearly as blessed as CJ, who gets to sip aperitivos (legally) every night at sunset, jet off to weekend with friends in Copenhagen, and take a class (for credit) called Italian Villas. 

Something's wrong with this picture: I'm the one who loves strolls through cobblestoned piazzas, who appreciates art, who finds inspiration in scenic hilltowns. If CJ gets to live this life now, what will he have to look forward to, other than being able to identify obscure kinds of pasta? 

Update: Of course, we have not heard from CJ except to let us know that he landed safely.  But the neurotic mother of his roommate did text to say she received a long email from her son to let her know that despite the street name, the boys love their apartment and that they're busy with orientaion and exploring Florence nightlife.  She also let me know that they spotted some authentic Banksy graffitti on a church wall in the Centro Storico.

Yes, my son is has finally learned to spot and appreciate art.  Perhaps at some point he''ll notice the Michaelangos and Botticellis as well.


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