Questions from Readers – Panic Time

On this momentous October SAT result day, here are some real questions I have received via email, phone or Facebook.

Q:   Do you know of any wonderful kids that didn't get in anywhere they liked, but took a gap year and then matured and went to a lovely school and lived happily ever after? Need to hear this story.

A: Lovely school – yes.  Matured – no.

Q:  Would you please explain to me the score choice option?  My son just got his superscore up to 2330. How does the cherry picking work?  You're the only one I trust, so I hope you don't mind.

A: I can explain everything.  But I'll only tell you if you promise me that your son doesn't apply where mine is applying.

Q: What is the chance of acceptance for ED as compared to RD at X University (popular top 20 midwestern school)?

A: I looked on College Confidential and several other sites and the statistic is missing!  You will need a Gold Neurotic Parent membership for me to keep investigating.

Q: (Chat during Facebook Scrabble Game) I have never ever looked forward to Jan as much as this year. S was concerned the impossible ED would cancel out the more impossible EA, his other fave school will be his ED2 -and the rest RD. Not what we would have chosen but it was his to decide. So he will likely now do two EAs and one priority, all but one of which is safety. The 'real school' that S should just have applied to ED will have to wait till ED2, but our best advisors say difference will be negligible. I disagree.

 A: Huh?



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