Dear Neurotic Parent

Since the publication of the book, we have received a great quantity of urgent queries from parents.  The most common recent questions are:

Q: What if my son or daughter does not get in anywhere? Have you ever heard of this happening?

A: Hate to keep you up at night, but we do know of a student who did not receive even one acceptance.  But he eventurally got into Williams off the waitlist, so all the stress was probably worth it.

Q: Did you get Cosmoderm for your book party?

A: No, just a blowout and some very pricey concealer.

Q: Which was more bittersweet, the last soccer game or the last pot luck? 

A: No contest. There will be more kale salad in my future.  CIF State soccer championships, not so likely.

Q: What do I tell everyone at the fundraiser when they ask where my daughter is attending college (she was deferred ED)? 

A: Change the subject.  Talk about how hard it is to type on your new iPhone.

Q: Is it selfish to apply to Swarthmore RD if you've already been accepted to Yale EA?

A: That is a question for the Neurotic Ethicist.

Q: What has been the best sound bite from the book tour so far?

A: The Director of Admissions of Columbia, a terrific guy and a fan of the book, attended our launch party in New York and stayed for the entire evening.  And he shared these words of wisdom with the crowd of anxious parents surrounding him: "What is my title? Director of Admissions, not Director of Rejections."

Q: Do you know anyone on the board of Brown?

A:  Could be.  Will answer definitively after you post a good review on Amazon.






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