Neurotic Decisions

As kids agonizingly log in over and over again to find out results, parents compulsively email the Neurotic Parent.  All these missives arrived unsolicited, with some moms and dads requesting that I help make life choices for their children.  Below is a sampling of the emails and FB messages I received today from all over the country.  Common themes: 1) There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to these decisions. 2) Kids no longer celebrate their acceptances on Facebook, but their parents do!


M got into Berkeley, NYU Gallatin, and Reed. BTW, she was rejected a few days ago by Pitzer and Pomona. Anyway, she has to choose between Berkeley and Gallatin. What would u do?


Don't know about the Ivys yet as he is at a friends and will be home when he feels like it.   I have to say this has been one of the most stressful periods in my life!!!!!!!!!!!  With regard to everything else, he got into Northwestern, USC with a full tuition scholarship, Fordham with full tuition scholarship, BU with a $20,000 scholarship. 

Then, an hour later:

He got into Brown and is ecstatic! He did not get into Yale. 


A's getting offers!  Chicago art institute offered her a $60,000 merit scholarship first.  Then came offers from RISD, Lewis and Clark, Carnegie Mellon, Reed and Oberlin offered her a $48,000 scholarship.  We're thrilled but still waiting to hear from Cooper Union…Wesleyan turned her down which is fine.  She's thinking of RISD, Thoughts of taking a gap year are rapidly disappearing as excitment over RISD takes its place, so nice to see.

C has BU, Wisconsin, Drexel and SFU to choose from.  He still hasn't heard from NYU and Michigan…all nice choices.
Personally, we were dazzled by Drexel's presentation this weekend, but C hated it. 
As for those other 5 or 6 schools he got into, what a waste of time!  So DUMB to apply to so many schools.  What's the point of 6 backups?
something's got to give. and I don't mean the server. How cruel is it when the school's server goes down as soon as prospective students are "invited" to login for status? Five hours later it still wasn't working and then… drumroll…
 h got 8 out of 11 acceptances – so we're deciding between penn> state/delaware/binghamton/pitt and james madison.  anywhere pop out to you?
J's entire hs ,his gf and a dozen others SLAUGHTERED today:( 
And, here's an embarrassment of riches:

> Rejected at Brown
> Waitlisted at Vassar
> Accepted at:
> Barnard
> Stanford – financial aid TBD
> Princeton – with $26,000 financial aid
> Yale – $6,000 financial aid
> Berkeley – not in yet
> Can you believe it????


Not everyone has reported back.  Waiting for a happy tweet from a reader in Pig Latin.  (The previous one was "ix-nay on esleyan-way.")


THERE'S MORE:  Parents are out of control on Facebook, listing acceptances and asking for opinions. Here are two more (thanks to SSO for the "shares")

O has final word on colleges as of today. 10 acceptance letters! Here's
her options:

UC Berkeley, Barnard, Reed, Lewis & Clark, Bryn Mawr, Oberlin, Tulane, UC
Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis.

Now it's decision time. Which one should she choose?

Here's a post from a mom who didn't ask for input, but couldn't resist providing the names of the various scholarships her daughter received.  I have a feeling she's not choosing Muhlenberg, but hey, why not add it to the list.

Joining D in being SO proud of K-
Kluge Scholar at Columbia University, Martin Luther King,
Jr. Scholar at NYU Tisch, Northwestern, Barnard, USC, Muhlenberg and
others– (proud of all her amazing friends, too! What a group!)


> OK, the 2012 college tally is in:

> YES: CAL, Georgetown, UCSB (with $6,000 a year for 4 years)

> YES, but don’t show up until next Spring: USC

> Waitlist: UCLA

> NO SOUP FOR YOU:  Stanford, Brown

And, breaking news – this about the son of the ex-girlfriend of a colleague:

my ex girlfriend – told me her kid just got into harvard and yale.
he's at exeter – so it figures.


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  1. Judy~
    Enjoying watching your book climb into the stratosphere. I did notice, however, a type on your Goodreads page (yes, I am annoying, I know).
    “Parents compullsively email…” lose one “l” and you are good to go.
    Gloria told me you got some coverage on The Huffington Post- do you have a link I can follow to see that?
    Again, congratulations. And I wish you a bounty of royalties. I sold 50,000 copies of my fist book and to date have received… $400. I hope to do better with the new book.
    Rod Pyle