The Day Before

Leaving tomorrow. 

Last-minute crises that have put a damper on our last day of pre-college parenthood:

- GC's GF couldn't find her car keys. The whole household got involved (including the 30 kids who stopped over to say farewell. Retracing stops, we suspected they were in the pocket GC's new sweatshorts, which were packed in one of six bags. Miraculously, they keys were located. But what other important item could be stashed away somewhere in another pocket?

- GC discovered an urgent email from his college letting him know that he cannot check into his dorm because his immunization records had arrived, but were not signed properly. Not an easy errand on a Friday afternoon, just as the doctor's office was closing.

- GC contracted a sore throat, then had a adverse reaction to an antibiotic that Mr. NP (a musician, not a physician) decided to give him so I wouldn't find out that he was getting sick. After finally reaching the doctor, the pharmacist said the replacement antibiotic could cause hives or shortness of breath.

- Despite all the kind things I have said about Southwest Airlines, they won't upgrade our boarding position, so there is a chance we will have to sit in middle seats tomorrow on our epic journey. (I apparently forgot to sign up for early bird check in.)

- Am I a terrible mom if I don't pre-wash the sheets? They seem so soft and sateeny in their posh plastic holder. Can they really be full of toxic chemicals?



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