Last-Minute Gifts for the College Applicant

Need something to balance out the negative effects of the Xbox One or the iPad you’re giving your high school student? Look no further than this definitive list:

1. The Edwin College Process Organizer – - This product is by far the coolest way to get your high schoolers organized, whether they’re applying for colleges now, or a few years down the road. Created by a top college counselor (with collaboration from the grammar-obsessed folks at the Neurotic Parent Institute), it’s a stylish folder with pockets for keeping track of essays, test scores, letters of recommendation, awards, ideas for summer programs and the apps themselves. Each pocket has a go-to chart with invaluable ideas (start a club, get to know your teachers who will be writing recs, etc.) for each stage of the game. A college counselor in a folder.


2. Tutor Ted SAT Prep Book – If you can’t hire Tutor Ted himself to prep your kids for the SATs (elder son CJ up 180 points) or the ACTs (younger son GC up 4 points), order one of Ted’s books on Amazon Prime. Tutor Ted is a genius, an exam whisperer and makes the tedium almost fun. Trust me.

3. SAT Shower Curtain – I love In fact, I just ordered a heavily discounted accent chair which a guest thought was a Jonathan Adler. So imagine my delight to find this clean display of essential vocab: keywords=sat+shower+curtain&SearchType=Header Almost makes me wish my kids were high school juniors again…NOT!


4. Knock Knock Pep Talk Notepad – Rather than nagging your kids about working on their applications, leave them upbeat little reminders (“Clean your room,” “Get to sleep by 3am,” “Proofread your Bowdoin Supplement”) from this retro look notepad from a cutting edge design studio in Venice. You’ll want everything else on the Knock Knock website as well – truly the best items for stocking stuffers and Yankee Swaps, some to keep for yourself. Order until 12/22 for Xmas delivery.


5. Etiquette Books – Alum interviews are coming up, so these are needed to make sure your child doesn’t chew his scone with his mouth open at Starbucks. I checked out all the manners books for young people, and most had ugly cartoons on the covers. So I’m recommending that you go with the classic Tiffany Guide to Table Manners (especially if they wanted a gift from Tiffany), and supplement it with this until something with better graphics is published.

6. A Pony – She’s moving out soon. This is your last chance.

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