Full CORT Press: Stress-free Student Furniture Rental


We are still recovering from our sons’ move-in three years ago. Both attended the same college, so we had less of a logistical challenge that sweltering August weekend than other families. Our younger son was a freshman. Getting him settled in his dorm room was relatively hassle-free, once he recovered from a killer mosquito attack.

But then we received a distress text from our eldest, a senior. He needed to spend an extra week at his faraway internship and would not have time to furnish his room in his first off-campus apartment before his classes started. Could we please find him a queen bed? And while we were at it, a night table, small sofa, cool rug, modern desk and large dresser? Eager to make ourselves useful, we accepted the challenge.

For three straight days and nights we schlepped from mini-mall to mini-mall, where inventory had been picked over by every kid moving back to campus. We finally found a mattress at We-Pressure-U, a rug at Low-Quality Liquidators, a sofa at ShabbyNotChic, a desk at Junk Depot and a dresser on Craiglist from @creepyredneck. For most of these items we had to arrange delivery through Deodorant-Free Movers, although we were able to haul the particle board night table that came in 28 pieces, with only three missing.

Just after we finished rearranging the sofa cushions to hide the stains, we ran into the relaxed parents of one of our son’s friends, sipping mojitos at the hotel pool. The told us they too had furnished their son’s place, but had done so by renting a package at CORT for the incredible student discount of $99 a month. As we headed off to the chiropractor to recuperate from the heavy lifting, they were planning their empty nest trip to Sicily. And now, three years later, we are still kicking ourselves for not knowing about CORT (Can we have those three days back?)

Here’s why CORT’s student rental program can be a game changer for the college move in:

  1. CORT’s rental furniture is comfy and stylish. In fact, it’s showroom quality. Cinder blocks and upholstery with the stuffing coming out are things of the past.
  1. CORT delivers. On the date they say they will. It’s guaranteed. No need to rent a U-Haul or pay someone to wait around for days on end.
  1. Your son or daughter (or you) can do the whole transaction online on CORT.com/student, including customizing your order. Pillow top? An easy add on. Dishes and linens? Just a click away.
  1. No assembly required – Yes, putting stuff together is appealing in theory, brings back those Lego moments. But you’ll need some pricy power tools. And it is so time consuming that you’ll need to spend two extra nights in your hotel, making it so not cost effective.
  1. CORT is way cheaper than buying new or scrounging around the flea markets. No hiring movers or calling around for storage units (and dealing with the yucky mildew after a summer of storage). CORT delivers, sets up and when students are ready to move on, CORT picks it all up again.
  1. Yup, CORT did compensate for this post, but let it be known that the Neurotic Parent Institute is very selective about whom we promote. In fact, in eight years of this blog we never have featured a sponsored post before. We have now made an exception because CORT is truly an AWESOME service which will improve the quality of your child’s college experience…and make your life easier, even if you’ve cut down on your helicoptering. And we guarantee that CORT is kind to animals and not involved in fracking.

So get thee to CORT. And check out their furniture rental and used furniture programs for when your kids ultimately get that first job offer. Because once they’re in the real world living in that fifth floor walk up, fixing up the flat should be the least of their worries.


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  1. I wish it had been available all those years I lived in NY – moving was a true nightmare then.