Update – More Neurosis to Come

Many of you have been in touch about the Neurotic Parent’s take on this extraordinary period of neurotic events. The world of college admissions has changed permanently with the omission of SATs/ACTs, remote learning, super-remote learning (we’ve heard of many groups of students who are still zooming from Cusco or Fiji), scandal sensitivity, rapid tests galore and focus on Crytocurrency as a new major. These issues, as well as virtual tour guiding, will be explored in detail in a new version of the book, with anecdotes about college professors who still haven’t figured out how to unmute themselves.


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AND….stand by, there will be a major announcement very soon about a new book, possible television series, board game…and more (yep, even a new blog!) Hint, hint – discussions with publishers are very real and the subject is…TADA:


The Neurotic Parent’s Guide to Weddings – yes, CJ is getting married…and and he, his spectacular fiancee and competent party planner are working around the clock to figure out how to minimize the guest list for the engagement soiree, bachelor & bachelorette party, friends’ shower, parent’s friends’ shower, rehearsal dinner, pool party and brunch, and inviting people who have already had BA5. Of course many details will have to be changed, but we promise that no events will transpire in the myriad of destinations where the happy couple has been traveling to every weekend.


Stay tuned!


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