Expert College Critiques

Our original list of colleges to visit was too ambitious.  But fortunately there is a girl in CJ’s class traveling in the opposite direction.  This compulsive texter has been providing CJ with instant feedback about every school she visits.  Early on we were able to eliminate Trinity College from our list because College Critic told CJ that the entire student body of the highly selective liberal arts college was "stupid". Her tour guide, she reported, had a 3.3 high school GPA and was rejected by the University of Miami. Then today, she sent out a missive letting everyone know that all 12,000 students at Cornell are "too serious".  She did say, however, that she was "obsessed" with Colgate, so we will still have to visit upsate NY.

Update/Disclaimer: We are now in New York visiting friends who have kids who attend a top boarding school in CT.  They say Trinity is a fine school with intelligent students.  In fact, one of our smartest friends went to Trinity and went on to attend an Ivy League Law School.


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