Applying vs. Pledging

We are visiting The George Washington University (yes, there is a "the" in the name). CJ is now out for his third night of college partying in a row, even though today is Wednesday and the real play-hard stuff is supposed to happen on Thursdays.  He has reunited with former teammates at every school and is currently wandering around the edgy streets of DC at 11:47 PM, making me wish we were back at one of those closed campuses with blue emergency phones.

Found out how you pledge fraternities.  You check off your choices and perform wacky, but not cruel tasks for several weeks. Then you are GUARANTEED acceptance into a fraternity on your list.  We believe CJ will do very well in the fraternity admission process.  He would add to the diversity of any chapter because one of his parents plays in a symphony orchestra, and no member of either side of his family has every been a Brother or a Sister, in the rowdy sense. And, because CJ attends a progressive, arts-oriented high school, choosing to join a fratenity demonstrates his individualism and willingness to think outside of the box. 

So we are hoping that CJ can find a school where he can skip the stressful academic admission process and go straight to Greek life, which will offer him pretty much everything he is looking for in higher education.

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