More Questions from Readers

Q:  How was Spring Awakening? 

A: This is the play to see while on a college tour with your teen.  There is coming-of-age angst.  There is a rock anthem called "You’re Fucked".  And there’s a a naked butt and the closest thing to real intercourse that you’ll ever see on a Broadway stage.  If you can handle viewing this with your child without both of you dying of embarrassment, you’re ready to send him or her off to college. 

Q:  Did you look at any safety schools?

A:  We did visit one safety, now referred to by college counselors as a "likely".  What a relief to be somewhere where you don’t need a 4.5, a 2400 and an Olympic medal to be accepted.  There were some interesting programs for CJ.  And the chatty round-table info session with the charasmatic dean presented a whole new way to approach this sort of trip – visiting schools where you can actually get in. 

Q:  Will you continue this blog until CJ gets his first acceptance letter?

A:  Considering the possibilty, especially if I can get some corporate sponsors. 

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