Death by Blogging

Still considering continuing this blog, but was put off by a front page piece in the NY Times today about sleep-deprived bloggers who are dropping dead right and left.

This makes me even more anxious than the usual NY Times cover stories about how children born in 1990 will have to attend Slippery Rock College, even if they have a 4.0, two varsity sports and the lead in the school play.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with SRC; I’ve heard they have a terrific neuroscience program.)  It seems that unless you have a quirky hobby you will not stand a chance at any of the schools we visited.  I must put off my blogging worries until later.  For now I’m off to take my younger son (Brown ’16) to his idederod tournament.


Death by Blogging — 2 Comments

  1. please keep bloggoing.
    I check it everyday and am so sad when there is no new entry