Hot Tours in the Summertime

Sadly, now that CJ is practically a high school senior, our family vacation days might be numbered.  With that in mind, we told the boys that they could have a say in planning an impromptu June trip. 

Because of the demands of my non-blogging day job, we gave them the following parameters:

- No distant time zones

- Good Blackberry reception

- Possibility of using frequent flier miles

We suggested that the boys think about the Caribbean, Canada, New England or the National Parks.  But here is what they came up with:  A five-city baseball tour. 

So we're off next week to Atlanta, Chicago, The Bronx, Cleveland and Cooperstown.  (We have learned the secret to scoring mileage awards at the last minute: Go to places with treacherous heat waves, flash floods and tornadoes.)  Ironically we are returning to three of the spots that CJ and I recently visited on college tours.  But we will somehow manage to come up with a few more schools to check out, if only to see what the tour guides wear in the summer instead of Uggs.

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