Proud Parents

We are honored to report that CJ got a perfect score on his Traffic School final exam.

This means he can drive to his job – not an internship designed to boost his resumé, but a regular paying job.  He is incredibly happy there, even though it means spending hours in traffic and giving up part of his summer weekends.  Now that he's finally earning a real paycheck, the furthest thing from his mind are essays, applications, senior course schedule and more SAT IIs. 

Just looked at the calendar and there are only eleven more weeks until school starts!  Before we know it, summer will be over and CJ will have to get everything completed overnight.  What nerve he has choosing to spend his vacation living in the moment rather than planning his future - Luckily he has at least one neurotic parent to worry about everything that he's not getting done.


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  1. So happy to get an update on your family…we are in Santorini…and thinking of you!