No Room on the Tour

Ever since we decided to go on our baseball trip, we have spent every free moment on ebay, Craigslist and Stubhub, trying to procure tickets for sold-out games.  In most places, we've had decent luck, as long as we were willing to spend an arm and a leg. 

But the hardest ticket to get was to the Emory Tour & Information Session.  To be honest, Emory was not really on CJ's radar until their marketing people started bombarding him with brochures describing all sorts of cool opportunities.  Because he hadn't seen a school of that size, and because we were going to be in Atlanta anyway, we decided to sign up for a campus visit.

I called last Wednesday, and a lovely Southern receptionist told me that there were already 60 students signed up, and she could put us on a waitlist. 

(Who knew Emory was so hot?  I guess we should have realized – Whenever I mention Emory to someone who has been through the process, the response is always "Emory's a good school".) 

I am thrilled to report that today, after a week of sleepless nights and nail biting, we got the news that CJ was accepted off the waitlist and offered a spot on the tour!  

But our joy and relief was short-lived: I just found out that a work commitment will prevent me from traveling with the family on the first two legs of the trip, to Atlanta and Chicago.  Now I will meet the boys in New York, and miss the Braves, the Cubs – and worst of all, the sold-out Emory visit.  The idea of Mr. NP and the boys touring a college without me is unfathomable.  I just know that when I ask them how it went, they will say "Good," and leave me with nothing to blog about.


No Room on the Tour — 3 Comments

  1. I wanted to congratulate you on this wonderful blog and note that I’m doing some cross blogging myself. I am jgg’s nyc fodor friend with the senior son (CP) heading off to college in the fall(sob!). Wanted to report that CP is happily Norhwestern bound in the fall after some significant trauma on my (not his) part. As for the baseball trip– I feel your pain. We basically are NY Mets/Springsteen groupies and as such have managed to do some fun recent combo road tips (e.g. Jacob’s Field/R&R Hall of Fame); Baltimore (Bruce-less there); Philly (Bruce-less there too actually- but we did collide with American Idol tryouts and manage to visit Penn/Swarthmore too-all on a day that was approximately 150 degrees. Lots of fun and I’m sure your trip, though truncated will be great!

  2. Thanks, Laurie. Tell jgg that she must arrange a GTG for the three of us. Would love to hear your son’s Northwestern saga – Congrats to him, and especially to you for surviving the year. Our trip will be all baseball all the time, except for the R&R Hall of Fame (and of course, a few colleges). How I wish we could work in a few Springsteen concerts – I’m a fan too.

  3. Another degree of separation smashed!! Would LOVE a triple gtg– our families bonded quickly when we met in NYC for a dinner last summer. Would LOVE to share the story with you too- if you have a strong enough stomach for it. Triple threat year as was concurrently doing college (Dec.), CP2’s bar mitzvah (Nov.) and CP2’s h.s. app. process (Dec.)all at once. Sadly summer trip fell by the wayside due to mental planning overload despite jgg’s wonderful encouragement– so will be spending much of August on Cape Cod-hoping to resurrect Italy/Asia or Scotland plan for next summer (CP2 is intent on finding the Loch Ness monster).