From Muncie to Chelsea

The Wall Street Journal, in an effort to cheer up its depressed readers, has published a humorous piece about New Yorkers who are attending Indiana University, presumably because they couldn't get into Northwestern or Cornell in this difficult, difficult year.  The story states that a record number of students from Manhattan's prestigous Dalton school have chosen to move to America's heartland for the true collegiate experience

The article, with the headline "From Bloomingdale's to Bloomington", features a photo of a girl in a black Chloe mini-dress, talking on her Blackberry Pearl as she walks across the midwestern quad.   Undoubtedly inspired by this blog, the author of the piece refers to Indiana is referred as "the new Wisconsin".  There are quotes from Hoosiers who resent the New Yorkers' accents and shopping addictions, but most view the migration as a fascinating cross-cultural exchange.

In a related story, the Neurotic Parent Institute has learned that students who have been waitlisted at Purdue are now heading east, enrolling at downtown Manhattan's Eugene Lang (The New School) in droves.  In fact, there are rumors that to accomodate the influx of all-American palates, there will soon be an Applebee's in Tribeca.


From Muncie to Chelsea — 2 Comments

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