Neurotic September Senior Year Musings

1) One app in.  Two or three more to go, according to CJ.  Is he a focused, zen-like kid who knows what he wants…or is he just supplement-adverse?  Recently met a mom whose son applied to 29 schools – Surely CJ can come up with another 25.

2) Booked a flight to Berkeley, a great, cheap school that's a one-hour flight away.  Asked CJ if he wanted to visit Stanford as well.  Before he could answer, the phone rang.  The caller told me a story about this year's freshman orientation at Stanford.  "Look around you", the college president said.  "Among you is a student who, when he was eight, discovered a new antibiotic that fights heart infections." 

Guess Stanford is off CJ's list.  He didn't discover his antibiotic until he was 11.

3) Separation Anxiety – Everything that CJ does might be "the last time".  Yesterday was the last trip to Bakersfield for soccer.  Should I be happy or sad that I pawned him off on another mom?  (A big shout-out to her!)  And if I should be happy that I didn't have to drive five hours round trip to see his team lose in 95 degree weather, how should I feel about him missing my birthday? 

Once I went off to college, did I ever again see my mother on her birthday?


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