Xanax, Please

Crunch time.  Unfortunately, I cannot give an accurate report about anything that is going on because at this point, everything about the app process has to remain top secret.  I will be attending a meeting tomorrow with dozens of other neurotic parents and three reassuring guidance counselors, but unfortunately, I will only be able to discuss on the pastry selection.

Meanwhile, while I ponder whether I need to change this to a recipe-sharing blog, if you're the parent of a senior, here is a list of people NOT to talk to between November 1st – March 29th:

- Parents of kids who went to college 3 years ago, when everything was different.

- Parents of Intel Award winners, Oboe Soloists and any sort of National Semi-finalist, especially if their kids are applying to the same schools as your child.

- Parents of recruited athletes, whose kids have already decided between three Ivies.

- Parents of relaxed, grounded kids who are only applying to two public schools – a match and a safety, and would be thrilled to go to either.

- Parents who say that "they all end up in the right place", and go on to tell you how much they themselves hated Princeton.

and, finally:

- English teachers who believe your child should not have used any forms of the verb "to be" in his/her essays.


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