Yale or No Yale

Here are the stats of three superhuman kids we know who are applying Early Action to Yale University. 

Student A:

Caucasion male.  Attends top public school in a mid-Atlantic state.  Ranked #1 in his school.  2380 SAT, no prep, one sitting.  Captain, Varsity Cross Country.  Won a language prize and scholarship to spend a semester abroad as an exchange student.  Selected to do research in prestigous summer program - his evaluator said he has the one of the greatest scientific minds he has ever encountered.

Student B:

Caucasion male.  Attends top private school in a western state.  2380 SAT, no prep, one sitting.  4.0 unweighed.  School president.  Varsity Baseball.  Star of every school play – Performed at European arts festival.  Winner of national competitions for two musical instruments. 

Student C:

Caucasion male.  Double legacy.  Attends small private school in a western state.  Three-sport athelete.  2310 SAT, superscore.  A bona fide genius – 4.0 unweighted without studying.  Started his own internet business – has many customers in Asia.

Who gets in? Student A?  Student B? Student C? Neither? All?  You predict.


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